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The True Cost


Rated PG-13

Box Office: $0.0M


Boxart Format Release Date
Aen br7019874 Blu-ray
UPC: 815597019874
03/29/2019 Not Available
Aen dd7019867 DVD
UPC: 815597019867
03/29/2019 Not Available

Release Dates

When Announced When Released
In Theaters May 29 2015
On 4K-UHD Not AvailableAlert MeRemind Me
On Blu-ray March 29 2019Now Available
On DVD March 29 2019Now Available

Product Details


Vandana Shiva, Rick Ridgeway, Richard Wolff, Mu Sochua, Guido Brera, Safia Minney, John Hilary, Stella McCartney, Tim Kasser, Tansy Hoskins, Orsola De Castro


Andrew Morgan


Andrew Morgan


Blu-ray. Do you know the very real effects of the price of our clothing? This documentary movie unravels the grim reality of fast fashion as the movie takes you to the heart of fashion in countries all over the world, from the brightest runways, to the darkest slums. The True Cost features interviews with the world's leading influencers including Stella McCartney, Livia Firth, Vandana Shiva and many more. A compelling story about clothing and how it dramatically affects people around the world. It's about the clothes we wear, the people who make them and the impact that it is having on our world. The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, but the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. This is an unprecedented documentary project that will take you on an eye opening journey around the world and into the lives of the many people and places, who play the biggest role in the production of the clothes we wear.




Rated PG-13
thematic elements and disturbing images


92 Minutes