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All the Sins of Sodom / Vibrations


Not Rated

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Fil d521059d DVD Double Feature
UPC: 612385210594
09/26/2017 Not Available
Fil br521049 Blu-ray Double Feature
UPC: 612385210495
09/26/2017 Not Available

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On Blu-ray September 26 2017Now Available
On DVD September 26 2017Now Available

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Sue Akers, Maria Lease, Marianne Provost, Peggy Steffans, Morris Kaplan


Joseph W. Sarno


Encouraged by his agent, struggling NYC photographer Henning begins a daring portfolio of his model, Leslie. But all too soon, jealousies erupt when another model vies for his camera and bed. A strikingly filmed, penetrating study of ambition, romance and lust set in the world of 1960s fashion photography, All the Sins of Sodom is sexploitation auteur Sarno at the top of his game.

Aspiring poet Barbara moves to Manhattan to jump-start her career and sex life, only to spend her evenings listening to the sounds of her neighbor s vibrator. When her extroverted sister Julie comes to town, Barbara is forced to confront her repressed sexual desires. An early classic by sexploitation director Sarno, Vibrations is classy and sophisticated, beautifully shot, a juicy script, filled with wonderful performances and sexy as hell.

This is a multiple-item set containing these film/programs:

All The Sins of Sodom




Not Rated


161 Minutes


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