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Ultimate Action Collection 8 Films


Not Rated

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Cin dsf19035d DVD Set
UPC: 826663190359
10/02/2018 Not Available

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Jean-Claude Van Damme, Shô Kosugi, Aki Aleong, Alex Colon, Alexander Zale, Anthony Franciosa, Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris, Deborah Geffner, Deborah Richter, Frankie Faison, J.D. Cannon, Jill Ireland, Laurence Fishburne, Lucinda Dickey, M. Emmet Walsh, Mario Van Peebles, Melissa Prophet, Miki Kim, Richard Lynch, Robert Ginty, Roland Harrah III, Scott Randolf, Vincent Gardenia, Yehuda Efroni, Jordan Bennett, Lenore Kasdorf, Vincent Klyn, David Chung, Dayle Haddon, James Hong, Alex Daniels, Dale Ishimoto, David Tress


Sam Firstenberg, Albert Pyun, Joseph Zito, Mark Buntzman, Aaron Norris, Michael Winner


Lance Hool, Albert Pyun, James R. Silke, John Crowther, William Sachs, Mark Buntzman, Aaron Norris, Chuck Norris, David Engelbach, James Bruner


Bronson. Norris. Van Damme. Ninjas. Flamethrowers. All the things that make life worth living.

Hey you — yes, you — the one reading the back of this DVD set. Got a taste for adventure and a thirst for vengeance? Need a few more explosions in your cinema diet? Look no further, friend — the Ultimate Action Collection is here to satisfy your insatiable hunger. Fortified with eight times the thrills of those other DVDs you've been digging through the bins for, the Ultimate Action Collection gives you hours upon hours of booms, blasts, kicks, and Chucks!

DEATH WISH II – R/1982/1.85:1/Dolby Digital Mono

Legendary tough guy Charles Bronson returns to his signature role as the hard-as-nails urban avenger Paul Kersey.

MISSING IN ACTION – R/1984/1.85:1/Dolby Digital Mono

American servicemen are still being held captive in Vietnam ... but not for much longer, if Chuck Norris has anything to say about it!

MISSING IN ACTION 2: THE BEGINNING – R/1985/1.85:1/Dolby Digital Stereo

The intense, action-packed prequel to Missing In Action delivers even more two-fisted brawling excitement!

BRADDOCK: MISSING IN ACTION III – R/1988/1.85:1/Dolby Digital Stereo

Colonel Braddock goes back to Vietnam – but this time it's personal!

CYBORG – R/1989/1.85:1/Dolby Digital Stereo

Jean-Claude Van Damme is kickin' it in a plague-ravaged future.

INVASION U.S.A. – R/1985/1.85:1/Dolby Digital Stereo

An army of terrorists versus Chuck Norris ... guess who wins?

EXTERMINATOR 2 – R/1984/1.78:1/Dolby Digital Mono

The flamethrower-wielding vigilante is back to clean up the streets of New York in a flick that's pure fire.

NINJA III: THE DOMINATION – R/1984/1.85:1/Dolby Digital Stereo

The cult classic mash-up of ninjas, possession, and aerobics you never knew you needed.

This is a multiple-item set containing these film/programs:

Missing In Action
Missing In Action 2: The Beginning
Braddock: Missing In Action III
Death Wish II
Invasion U.S.A.
Exterminator 2
Ninja III: The Domination




Not Rated


766 Minutes


Cinedigm Entertainment