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My Man Godfrey


Not Rated

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Avm d2998440d DVD MOD
UPC: 191092998440
12/22/2020 Not Available
Missing art xs DVD MOD
UPC: 887936982330
06/04/2020 Not Available
Avm dap36793d DVD MOD
UPC: 874757036793
02/21/2012 Not Available
Cri brcc2944bd Blu-ray Criterion Collection
UPC: 715515220415
09/18/2018 Not Available
Cri dcc2945ddv DVD Criterion Collection
UPC: 715515220514
09/18/2018 Not Available

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On Blu-ray September 18 2018Now Available
On DVD June 19 2001Now Available

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William Powell, Carole Lombard, Alice Brady, Eugene Pallette, Gail Patrick, Alan Mowbray, Jean Dixon, Mischa Auer, Robert Light, Pat Flaherty, Franklin Pangborn, Selmer Jackson, Grady Sutton, Jane Wyman


Gregory La Cava


Charles R. Rogers


My Man Godfrey is a 1936 American hilarious comedy starring William Powell and Carole Lombard. During the Great Depression Godfrey 'Smith' Parke is living with other men down on their luck at a New York City dump when approached by spoiled socialite Cornelia Bullock, (Gail Patrick) who offers him $5 to be her 'forgotten man' for a scavenger hunt. Godfrey advances on her in anger and causes her to fall on a pile of ashes. Cornelia leaves in a huff, but her younger sister Irene, (Carole Lombard) finds Godfrey to be a kind man, albeit, a bit scatter-brained, and Godfrey offers to go with Irene to help her beat Cornelia at the scavenger hunt. Eventually, Godfrey is offered a job by the Bullock's to be a butler for them and Godfrey proves to be surprisingly competent at the job. Cornelia holds a grudge against Godfrey while Irene considers him her protege. At a tea party, Tommy Gray, (Alan Mowbray), a lifelong friend of Godfrey recognizes him working, and Godfrey quickly ad-libs that he was Tommy's valet at Harvard, and Tommy plays along. Meanwhile, Irene impulsively announces her engagement to the surprised Charlie Van Rumple, (Grady Sutton), but she soon breaks down in tears and flees after being congratulated by Godfrey. Cornelia attempts to make peace with Godfrey, but Godfrey turns her down. Having failed to make Godfrey's life miserable, Cornelia plants her pearl necklace under Godfrey's mattress, then calls the police. When the police do not find the necklace, Cornelia's father realizes that his daughter has orchestrated the whole thing, and they must find her uninsured pearl necklace. Eventually, the Bullock's finances fall into disrepair, but Godfrey has a plan to rebuild their fortune. There is much more to come as events emerge, but this is literally a superb screwball of a comedy which will leave you laughing all the way home!




Not Rated


95 Minutes