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Bigfoot Exists


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05/14/2019 Not Available

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Bigfoot Exists! For those who are skeptical about an 8 to 12 foot tall, bi-pedal giant, covered with hair that dwells in the wilderness and leaves footprints, this collection will change your mind. Bigfoot Exists! includes footage of a real live Sasquatch in the wild and some of the most extensive research into the discovery of this enigmatic creature. When massive footprints were found in California in the early 50's, newspaper reporters coined the term "Bigfoot." As the legend of Bigfoot grew, the term became synonymous with the Native American creature known as Sasquatch. There are hundreds of new sightings each year as well as new video and audio evidence and breakthroughs such as DNA tested hair and skin samples. In recent years, the search for the creature has gained worldwide attention and valuable support from the scientific community. Sasquatch Hunters - Many believe Bigfoot doesn't exist, but to those who have seen the creature face to face, there is no question - Bigfoot is real. Encounters with this elusive creature - also known as Sasquatch - have changed the lives of those who experience it forever. Discovering Bigfoot - Discovering Bigfoot is the first feature film documentary with real live interaction between a Bigfoot creature, wilderness experts, PhD's and other world-renowned experts and researchers of the Bigfoot enigma. Journey into the heart of Sasquatch Country with Todd Standing who appeared with Survivorman's Les Stroud in "Survivorman Bigfoot". American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America - The modern day Sasquatch hunter is armed with the latest technology in order to search for this creature. Join us as we delve into the psyche of several Sasquatch hunters, and learn the theories and facts. Today's Sasquatch hunters are closing in on the elusive creature who may hold the key to our own evolution.




Not Rated


240 Minutes


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