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An Afternoon In Monte Carlo


Not Rated

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Mvd dsmi055d DVD
UPC: 798657045535
05/14/2019 Not Available

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Mario Brown, Djaka Souare, Kevin Leonard, Tahir Hussain Babar, Michael Sottile, Maurice Mc Pherson, Deidre Monique Benton, Patrick Faerber, Jace Moody, Sandy Vaughn Cooke, Eddie Matta, Ian White, Suzanne Brose, Shanyla Vanille




Marlon Rivers, a young African-American finance wunderkind who specializes in "Monte Carlo" mathematical methods, meets Margot Marshall, a mysterious woman from Los Angeles who has just landed in New York that same fateful day. Earlier that morning, Marlon quit his job and is now confronted by an existential choice he has to make. Will he follow his heart and explore this unexpected encounter? Or will he just ignore the moment and keep on that lonely road that he carved for himself? As the day progresses, it is clear that hedge fund manager Vlad Rosos and his inner sanctum have a different idea of the future of their genius analyst, Marlon Rivers. It is revealed that he has some intimate knowledge regarding the darker side of some nefarious dealings related to the international pharmaceutical business of a financial firm. With the guidance of his uncle, Larry Victor, and under the benevolent eye of Bob (a backgammon buddy of Larry doubling as a number's guy for Vlad Rosos), will Marlon escape the wrath of the masters of the universe and finish the day in one piece, as he's trying to figure out the odds of this new intriguing relationship with Margot Marshall actually blossoming? On her end, Margot is in New York to figure out if she can access some documents held by a local bank which is proof of her great grand-mother silent actress superstar Margot Beauregard unresolved untimely death. Will she uncover the answers that she seeks and will she find peace in the discovery of her own heritage?




Not Rated


117 Minutes


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