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Westside vs. The World


Not Rated

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Grv dd4034605 DVD
UPC: 812034034605
05/07/2019 Not Available
Grv br4034612 Blu-ray
UPC: 812034034612
05/07/2019 Not Available

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On Blu-ray May 07 2019Now Available
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Ron Perlman, Louie Simmons, Dave Tate, Mark Bell, Ed Coan, Dave Hoff, Matt Wenning, John Welbourn, Brandon Lilly, Laura Phelps, AJ Roberts, Larry Pacifico, Joey Batson, Buddy Morris, Bill Gillespie, Pete Prinzi, Amy Weisberger, Bob Coe, Tony Ramos, Mike Jester, Kenny Patterson, George Halbert, Doug Williams


Michael Fahey


Michael Fahey


Westside Barbell is essentially what would happen if the Hell's Angels traded in their Harley Davidsons for squat racks and chalk. It is a collection of some of the strongest and scariest people to ever walk the earth. The atmosphere inside the cement block walls has been described as a prison yard weight pile. Fights and cussing are part of the charm, as are tattoos and facial hair. The environment is brutal, and wears quick on lifters with thin skin. Every day at Westside is dog eat dog. It's a proven recipe for world records (over 140 and counting), but is it worth the price of the pain? When the weights are big enough to kill, how far would you go for a number?




Not Rated


97 Minutes


Gravitas Ventures