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Beyond Hoarding


Not Rated

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Grv dd4034827 DVD
UPC: 812034034827
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UPC: 812034034834
05/28/2019 Not Available

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On Blu-ray May 28 2019Now Available
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Hillary Estner, John Tikson, Helen Chiarello, David C. Coffin, Helen Bushwick, Alan Estner, Catherine Ayers, PhD, Randy O. Frost, PhD, Gail Steketee, PhD, Sanjaya Saxena, MD, Cindy Stevens, Bob Green, Jennifer Sampson, PhD, Peter McIntyre, Jesse Edsell-Vetter, Terri Parks


David C. Coffin


Alice Irene Pifer


Beyond Hoarding takes a fresh look at hoarding and the people who can't stop collecting stuff. The film guides the viewer to an understanding that hoarding is a psychiatric disorder that can be treated. It addresses key questions: When does clutter become hoarding? Are hoarded homes dangerous? Why can't people just clean out their houses? How can someone who hoards get the right kind of help to stop? Top mental health experts answer these questions about this surprisingly widespread problem that afflicts millions in the U.S. alone. Most moving are the five people in the film who suffer from hoarding disorder to different degrees—one eventually stops hoarding and reclaims her life; two people struggle to get rid of their overwhelming amount of clutter and keep it out; and two face deadly consequences. This film also captures the distressing impact hoarding has on the family and friends of a loved one caught in the grip of this compulsion.




Not Rated


60 Minutes


Gravitas Ventures