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Frank and Ava


Not Rated

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Grv dd4034667 DVD
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UPC: 812034034674

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Rico Simonini, Emily Elicia Low, Eric Roberts, Lukas Haas, Richard Portnow, Domenick Lombardozzi, John Capodice, Robert Miano, Jonathan Silverman, Joanne Baron, Harry Dean Stanton, Katherine Hellmond, Dionne Warwick, Robert Costanzo, Tony Denison, Neil Sandlandis, Carmine Caridi, Robert Catrini, Edward O'Ross, Emrhys Cooper, Joanna Sanchez, Hettie Lynn Hurtes, Maria Paris, Michael Raynor, Jerry Hauck, Michael Woods, Johnny Williams, Bobby Lee Jr., Maea McGuinness, Dianna Comacho, Ron Pritchard, Michael Alaimo, Lisa Blake Richards, Terry Moore, Shirley Jones, Jacqui Holland


The film portrays the tumultuous Hollywood romance between a down and out Frank Sinatra and MGM's protégé starlet, Ava Gardner. In 1949 Sinatra, the former king of swoon to millions of screaming ''bobby soxers'', was at the downturn as a vocal cord hemorrhage compromised the once golden ''Voice'' while tabloids further marginalized him by parading his alleged Mafia connections, liberal sympathies, and extramarital affairs. In the midst of his despair, he falls hard and fast for Gardner, with whom he shares proclivities for passion, whiskey, and sexual escapades. Frank's pursuit of Ava is matched only by his obsession to get cast as Angelo Maggio in Columbia Picture's From Here to Eternity; the sole ray of hope in salvaging his career. Sinatra actively campaigns for Maggio while divorcing his wife and entering a hapless marriage with Gardner that is marked by infidelities, Ava's abortions and Frank's suicide attempts while the press, led by notorious pundits such as Hedda Hopper, feasted.




Not Rated


113 Minutes


Gravitas Ventures