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Paw Paws: The Complete Series

Animated/Childrens/TV Miniseries

Not Rated

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04/09/2019 Not Available

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Susan Blu, Thom Pinto, Bob Ridgely, Stanley Stoddart, John Ingle, Howard J. Morris, Don Messick, Stanley Ross 1, Frank Welker, Leo DeLyon, Ruth Buzzi


Deep in the forest, far away from everywhere, Princess Paw Paw (voiced by Susan Blu) leads her tribe of mighty little critters in a sacred mission to protect the small and the weak. Aided by her father, Wise Paw (voiced by John Ingle), and her fearless friend Brave Paw (voiced by Thom Pinto), Princess Paw Paw uses her magical moonstone to call upon her tribe's magical totem pole in times of trouble. Totem Eagle, Totem Bear and Totem Tortoise come to life, separate and lend their aid in the air, land and sea. Scheming to capture the moonstone and the power to summon the totems is the evil wizard Dark Paw (voiced by Stanley Ralph Ross), leader of the Meanos. Exiled from the tribe for his wicked ways, Dark Paw uses his dark magic to menace the Paw Paws, as does his Aunt Pruney (voiced by Ruth Buzzi), a wily witch. So it's a good thing the Paw Paws have Eugene the Genie (voiced by Scatman Crothers) on their side!


Childrens/TV Miniseries


Not Rated


443 Minutes


Warner Bros. Archive