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Bastards of Pizzofalcone


Not Rated

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Mhz d16992d DVD
UPC: 815047019928
04/30/2019 Not Available

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Alessandro Gassmann, Antonio Folletto, Simona Tabasco, Gennaro Silvestro, Massimiliano Gallo


Carlo Carlei


Based on the bestselling series of mystery novels by Maurizio de Giovanni, The Bastards of Pizzofalcone introduces a ragtag team of detectives who take over the small Pizzofalcone precinct police station in the aftermath of a scandal. Led by Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono, a brilliant investigator with a checkered past, the new squad includes Lt. Francesco Romano, a loose cannon with a history of anger issues, Alessandra Alex Di Nardo, a gun nut known colloquially as Calamity Jane, Ottavia Calabrese, a computer specialist and mother of an autistic child, and special agent Marco Aragona, a brash braggart who'd be completely insufferable if he wasn't so good at his job. Together, these misfits and outcasts are thrown in the deep end as they find themselves investigating a series of high-profile murders that have the whole town talking. Set in the atmospheric southern port city of Naples and with innovative visual style courtesy of Hollywood director Carlo Carlei (Romeo & Juliet, Fluke), The Bastards of Pizzofalcone is a fast-paced, punchy and utterly enthralling set of modern Italian mysteries.




Not Rated


612 Minutes


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