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Vintage Erotica Double Feature: A Good Time with a Bad Girl / Artist Studio Secrets


Not Rated

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Aph dalp8202d DVD Double Feature
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04/17/2019 Not Available

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Barry Mahon, J.M. Kimbrough


A GOOD TIME WITH A BAD GIRL (1967): Successful businessman John Cabot is forced to land his plane in Las Vegas after running afoul of bad weather. He takes a room at a nearby hotel, but finds himself unbearably lonely. Cabot rings his wife in Connecticut and asks if she'd like to join him for a second honeymoon, but she's too busy at a garden club exhibit. Pent-up and frustrated, he finally takes in the nightlife on the Vegas Strip, where he meets Sue, a precocious 18-year-old nymphette. Soon the pair are skinny dipping back at the hotel and attending kinky sex parties. Suddenly, John's marriage is the last thing on his mind...
Billed as the "picture that begins where Lolita left off", A Good Time With a Bad Girl is the work of cult impresario Barry Mahon. A veteran of World War II who boasted that he shot down two Nazi planes in one day, he became the personal pilot for Hollywood legend Errol Flynn after the war. That led to Mahon producing and directing the notorious Castro-sympathizing Cuban Rebel Girls (1959) starring Flynn. Though that picture marked the end of Flynn's career (he died soon after) it gave Mahon his start in the B-movie business. He spent the 60's making low-budget pictures about nuclear war (Rocket Attack U.S.A) zombies (The Dead One) as well as bizarre, almost psychedelic children's films (The Wonderful Land of Oz Thumbelina.) A Good Time With a Bad Girl is one of his more lurid forays into the world of soft-core adult cinema.

ARTIST STUDIO SECRETS (1964): Percy Green has a reputation as one of Greenwich Village's finest artists, but he's developed a particular fixation. He can only paint models who strip down to their bra and panties, or even better...completely nude. So his wife, Hortense, makes sure that all the girls who stop by Percy's studio aren't bashful...even if she has to do a little coercing herself. Soon Percy's new paintings are the hit of the Village, and the couple are hosting a fancy party at their apartment to celebrate. The swanky soirée quickly turns into a wild orgy as Percy and Hortense decide to make each other jealous with the sexy young guys and gals in attendance!




Not Rated


140 Minutes


Alpha Home Entertainment/Gotham