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My Hero Volume 5

TV Series/Comedy

Not Rated

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04/17/2019 Not Available

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Robert Cummings, Julie Bishop, John Litel, Mary Beth Hughes


Harold Daniels, Leslie Goodwins


Women find handsome and carefree Robert S. Beanblossom (Bob Cummings) irresistible. Perhaps that is why such a clueless real estate salesman is a hero in the eyes of secretary Julie Marshall (Julie Bishop). Boss Willis Thackery (John Litel) sees things differently and tries to reign in Bob's bumbling antics. In spite of his efforts, Mr. Thackery's small Hollywood firm is the scene of a never ending parade of uproarious adventures. Loyal sidekick Julie always tries to fix Bob's unwitting slip-ups, but only seems to makes things worse and a whole lot funnier. My Hero was the first of four sitcoms starring Bob Cummings. It was followed by Love That Bob, The Bob Cummings Show and My Living Doll. This collection includes the premiere episode, "Oil Land."

OIL LAND: Bob tries to improve his standing in Mr. Thackery's eyes by selling a seemingly worthless plot of land, not realizing there is oil underneath.

THE CUPID: Thackery hires a "boy wonder" who makes Bob feel insecure about his future with the company.

HORSE TRAIL: Bob accepts a wild horse as payment for an old shack in the middle of nowhere, much to Thackery's displeasure.

THE HESSE STORY: Famous photographer Paul Hesse agrees to help Bob take pictures of real estate – a decision he soon regrets. Paul Hesse (who plays himself) was one of the foremost glamour photographers during the Golden Age of Hollywood.


TV Series/Comedy


Not Rated


90 Minutes


Alpha Home Entertainment/Gotham