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The Best of Harold Lloyd


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Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, 'Snub' Pollard


Hal Roach, Fred Newmeyer


Harold Lloyd (1893-1971) is widely acclaimed as one of the greats of silent comedy, along with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. He started as an extra on the Universal Studios lot, where he met and befriended comedy legend Hal Roach. With Roach's help, he created what he referred to as his "Glasses" character, usually called "The Boy" or "Harold" in the films themselves. An affable everyman who could be rich or poor, successful or unemployed, "The Boy" was identifiable by his never-flagging enthusiasm and ever-present round spectacles. He inevitably found himself in precarious situations that ended up demonstrating Lloyd's superior athletic ability. Harold had great success making two-reelers with Roach before striking out on his own to make feature-length comedies (beginning with A Sailor-Made Man in 1921.) This collection compiles the best of Lloyd's work with Roach during this period.

FROM HAND TO MOUTH (1919): An heiress takes a shine to the Boy after she sees him begging on a street corner. He then comes to her aid when a crooked lawyer tries to swindle her out of her inheritance. This was Lloyd's first film with Mildred Davis, who became his regular co-star and (in 1923) his wife. They remained married until her death in 1969.

HAUNTED SPOOKS (1920): In order to claim a large amount of money, Harold and Mildred must spend a night in a haunted house.

AN EASTERN WESTERNER (1920): The Boy is a spoiled New Yorker whose father sends him to a ranch out West to toughen him up.

I DO (1921): After they're asked to babysit some rowdy kids, Harold and Mildred realize they're not ready to have children of their own.

NEVER WEAKEN (1921): After he overhears Mildred agreeing to marry another man, Harold decides to commit suicide. All his attempts are foiled by a series of mishaps, ending with the Boy dangling from a tall building (one of Harold's most famous stunts.) Never Weaken was Lloyd's last short with Hal Roach, and is considered by many to be his best.




Not Rated


108 Minutes


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