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Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk


Rated PG

Box Office: $0.0M


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Grv brgrv11628 Blu-ray
UPC: 812034035275
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UPC: 812034035268

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On Blu-ray September 03 2019Now Available
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Bill Murray, Michael Allen, Ben Crenshaw, Nick Faldo, Tom Watson, Rick Riley, Lee Trevino, Curtis Strange, Fuzzy Zoeller, Michael Collins, Carl Jackson, Pete Bender, Greg Puga, Michael Greller, Steve Williams, Jerry Beard, Fanny Sunesson


Jason Baffa


Carl Cramer


Centuries old and enjoyed by millions worldwide, golf is seen by many as more than a sport. Yet what do we know about the person behind the player carrying the bag? In a documentary unlike any other, Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk explores the incredible personal bond between golfer and caddie.

It is often said that a good caddie does 3 things: show up, keep up and shut up, but these stories will make you rethink the role of great caddies. The film unveils the working dynamic between famous partnerships like Tom Watson and caddie Bruce Edwards. It also delves into the making of a caddie's career with stories like caddie Greg Puga from East LA who fought his way to Augusta to play in the Masters.

Loopers is a visual tour de force shot on iconic courses across the U.S. and Scotland. Crafted in the spirit of documentaries like ''20 feet from Stardom'', ''Jiro Dreams of Sushi'' and ''Step into Liquid'', it is a must-watch story of the game of golf as you've never seen it before."




Rated PG
some suggestive/rude humor, mild thematic elements, and smoking images


80 Minutes


Gravitas Ventures