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Lost Comedy Classics: Volume 4


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Aph dalp8241d DVD Set
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06/19/2019 Not Available

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'Snub' Pollard, Larry Semon, Peggy Cartwright, Madeline Hurlock


Leslie Goodwins, Clarence Bricker


RISKS AND ROUGHNECKS (1917): Larry Semon displays some surprising athletic prowess as an avid reader of pulp novels who gets to act the hero when he sees a fair young lady being accosted by ruffians.

LOOKING FOR TROUBLE (1919): Snub Pollard plays a dandy coerced into a boxing match with a prize fighter over the hand of pretty Marie Mosquini.

ROBIN HOOD JR. (1923): This extremely rare four-reel parody of Douglas Fairbanks' Robin Hood (1922) features child stars Frankie Lee and Peggy Cartwright as pint-size versions of the famed archer and his ladylove Maid Marian. Cartwright was the original "darling" of Hal Roach's Our Gang series; she was featured prominently in the first six shorts released in 1922.

WATER WAGONS (1925): Andy Clyde and John J. Richardson are rival captains in a yacht race – but the real prize they're competing for is black-haired vamp Madeline Hurlock!

ONCE OVER (1928): Snub and his pal 'Fat' (Marvin Loback) are hobos chased out of a boxcar by the railroad detective. They wind up as waiters at a fancy restaurant, where the clientele is shocked by their uncouth behavior.




Not Rated


100 Minutes


Alpha Home Entertainment/Gotham