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UWF: Gun Play


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Mvd du2278d DVD
UPC: 760137227892
10/15/2019 Not Available

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The Urban Wrestling Federation is hip hop street music - meets pro wrestling. However, there are no rules in this game. The ring is the new block, as it's a man's game now in the UWF! Hood rappers head ruthless units of the most unorthodox thugs to work the ghetto streets across America, to do whatever they can to protect their corners and turf. The violence is brutal as these goons are relentless in their struggle for money and power --stopping at nothing. Hip hop playa'z from all over look to take control of the cash and every hood --but only one can reign supreme with all the money and UWF title. Who will it be? Was it GUN PLAY, TORCH, and YOUNG BREED of THE TRIPLE C'S who ordered the hit on the first UWF champion? Or will "The Prince of New York" DJ SELF flex his radio power to control the street politics? Could it be the straight gangsters LEP BOGUS BOYS from Chi-town to shred their rivals? Or will New York's UNCLE MURDA unload his fury upon the streets and anyone who stands in his way? West Coast's 40 GLOCC and SUN have not forgotten about the East / West war and are ready to take what's "theirs". Can South Florida's BILLY BLUE and BRISCO join forces to out power and maneuver other crews... Or will the snake CUBAN LINK play everyone to grab that cash and belt without the others knowing who's stabbing who in the back? These devious hood bosses bring the cream of the crop of pro wrestling thugs to defend their turf, while waging war. These goons mean business... RICH "BEAST" ORTIZ, SLYMM, T-MIZZLE, SLYCK WAGNER BROWN, and STEVE MACK are elite hitters to watch for as they leave bodies lying in their path of destruction. You never know who you will run up on you on these cold ghetto streets. You always have to be on... because the day you let your guard down...is the day a goon gets you... and leaves you lying for dead. These shot callers are DEAD SERIOUS. They all want that belt and ALL the money --and they don't care who they hurt getting it.




Not Rated


50 Minutes


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