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Love Possibly


Not Rated

Box Office: $0.0M


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Grv dgrv11772d DVD
UPC: 812034037910
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UPC: 812034037927

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On Blu-ray February 11 2020Now Available
On DVD February 11 2020Now Available

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Steve Hodgetts, Michelle Thomas, Rachel Grace, Jane Ogilvie, Julie Nesher, Saffron Louise Pooley, Louis Beaufort, Anna Danshina, Lana Welch, Hugh O'Donnell, Alessandra Leonie, Edoardo Pascale, Jane Gama, Dean Kilbey, Gabriel Constantin, Nicola Wright, Greg Seago-Curl, John Worthy, Myrtle Smith, John Smith, Talia Shin, Siddhartha Khanna, Anette Martinsen, Peter Hickman,


Michael Boccalini, Che Grant


Michael Boccalini


Alex is a 31 year-old hopelessly romantic virgin who's lifelong goal is to find his own rom-com leading lady. Enter Lana, a Moldovan single mother who is desperate to provide a better life for her son. After a whirlwind courtship on BridesRus.com, Lana makes the bold decision of moving to London to marry Alex. Will she turn out to be the one Alex has been looking for or does she have another agenda? Love Possibly is a mockumentary feature that explores the comedy within the tragedy of Alex's quest to find love, in the vein of films such as This is Spinal Tap and Torsk pa Tallinn. His naivete, his vulnerability and his eagerness to please make him hilariously lovable, and yet his obsessions may invariably lead him to heartache. Lana's street-smarts and relentless pragmatism lend a counterpoint to Alex's personality, and the comedy in that is the essence and strength of the story. It's a film ultimately about the fear of loneliness, unrealistic expectations and love, possibly.




Not Rated


83 Minutes


Gravitas Ventures