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The David Susskind Archives: Truman Capote Tells All

TV Series/Documentary

Not Rated

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Truman Capote, David Susskind


David Susskind


When this edition of 'The David Susskind Show' aired in February of 1979, David Susskind and Truman Capote were already well established friends and traveled in the same social circles. Over the years, Capote had appeared on several Susskind panel programs, but here it's just the two of them one on one. They remained good friends up until Capote's death in August of 1984. Well established as an award winning author and infamous 'gadabout', Capote was a celebrity long before celebrity culture became a category. To that end, here he says that the media sought him out rather than the other way around. Among the issues covered is Capote's infamous interview with Stanley Siegal during which he appears to be intoxicated but he explains that he took a pain killer and was not aware of the effect that it would have. They also discuss the time that he fell off the stage at Townsend University, but he dismisses the story as an exaggeration that was sensationalized after the fact. This list of famous friends and his views about them is impressive and varied. These include William S. Paley, Andy Warhol, Christopher Isherwood and Norman Mailer. Elsewhere, they discuss Jackie Onassis, Lee Radziwill, and his unlikely friendship with the Shaw of Iran, whom he doubts is dishonest and serves the most exotic foods in his home.


TV Series/Documentary


Not Rated


112 Minutes


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