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Tara Reid, Quinton Aaron, Alexandra Grossi, Erin O'Brien, Chris Cardillo Sr., Tanya Christiansen, Cabrina Collesides, Fallon Maressa, Laura Hine, Chelsea Durkalec, Chris Cardillo, Jamie Houk, Rachel Chelsea Foster, Erica Seelig, Danielle Driscoll, Valerie Baker, Louis Berger, Summer Bound, Matt Brickner, Benicio Cardillo, Kelly Cardillo, Lucy Cardillo, Lina Carollo, Musa A. Cooper, Santina Diaco-Cardillo, Tori Dunn, Patti Fahey, Debbie Gianfortune, Juliana Gracey, Megan Hiler, Morgan Kennedy, Tiki Kev, Anna Khait, Kendall Maconaghy, Valerie Mcadams, Christine Nyland, Jefferson Sanders, Madison Schwartz, Robert D Schwartz, Sarah Slemmer, Kayla Stow, Andie Summers, Danny Tomaszewski, Deborah Tucker, Jasmine Vargas, Rene Vettese, Laura Witsken, Casey Wood, Dustin Young, Susan Apostle, Bria Blauvelt, Anita Calloway, Tina Cassano, Keith Chamberlain, Felicia Dimopoulos, Matt J. Gaines, Jamie Getsinger, Sonny Goldfin, Mary Grace, Wesley Green, Darnell Hicks, Lisa Houghton, Susannah Jane, Dan Keebler, Paula Kennedy, Akash Malik, Lana Melendez, Daniel Michaluk, Jane Niziol, Steph Pipes


Chris Cardillo Sr.


Chris Cardillo


Success and winning were all that mattered to young Talia Medici. She achieved it all through the only lifestyle she had ever known- bullying. Talia and her fellow cheerleaders ruled Seneca high school; even principal Banks (Quinton Aaron) was no match for their authority. No one knew how hard the soft spoken Elle Wurthmore would take the mean spirited ridicule at cheerleading tryouts. Older Talia (Tara Reid) continued with her utter disregard for others to achieve success. It wasn't until her 15 year high school reunion that she would be forced to relive the consequences of her past as Elle reemerges.Talia was unaware of how the repercussions of her words could inflict such serious harm to others until her victims exposed her to a more intense form of bullying. As a victim, Talia realizes the reason she became a bully in the first place was the result of her upbringing. Talia realizes that the only way to end the cycle is to commit the ultimate act of bullying, bullycide.




Not Rated


80 Minutes


Gravitas Ventures