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Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

TV Series/Reality

Not Rated

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Joe Anglim, Aubry Bracco, Kelley Wentworth, David Wright, Ron Clark, Rick Devens, Reem Daily


The latest season twist forces castaways a little deeper psychologically and spiritually. Once voted out, individuals are given an option - retreat to the Edge of Extinction, a desolate beach with few amenities and wait for an opportunity to rejoin the main game, or leave the game permanently. Choosing to remain allows the castaways to come face-to-face with people that voted them off, compete again for the Sole Survivor title, or become a member of the jury. The intensity mounts as the remaining contestants are unaware of the twist until revealed at the tribal merge. Returning Survivor castaways include Joe Anglim (Survivor: Worlds Apart, Cambodia) Aubry Bracco (Survivor: Kaoh Rong, Game Changers), and Kelley Wentworth (Survivor: San Juan del Sur, Cambodia, and David Wright (Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X). The 15 new players include educator and best-selling author Ron Clark, WGXA news anchor Rick Devens, and Reem Daily, the first to visit the Edge of Extinction. Her actions quickly coined the term 'Reem'd Out,' as she was all too eager to confront those who voted her out.


TV Series/Reality


Not Rated


690 Minutes


Allied Vaughn