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Grv brgrv20014 Blu-ray
UPC: 850015345319
10/06/2020 Not Available
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On Blu-ray October 06 2020Now Available
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Product Details


In this inspirational story of temptation and redemption, a disillusioned attorney, estranged from his son and himself, faces a day of life-defining choices after he unwittingly undermines a young accident victim for the benefit of a powerful businessman.

The lead character, Lucas Cole, is a complicated and flawed man, both driven and deterred by conflicting motivations. The goal in his mind is justice, but his subconscious objective is order. The want in his heart is control, but in reality he craves meaning. And the need in his soul is not just to regain temporal love, but also to embrace true faith.

The context of our story is a man juggling his professional and personal responsibilities, from the intrigue of a high-profile legal case to the support for his son’s big event. The subtext is a soul reconciling the skepticism of the angel, the machinations of the cynic, the superficiality of the secular king, the seduction of the false prophet, and the sincerity of the saint.




Not Rated


82 Minutes


Gravitas Ventures