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Arde Madrid: Burn Madrid Burn

TV Series/Foreign

Not Rated

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Mhz d17003d DVD
UPC: 815047010031
06/23/2020 Not Available

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Inma Cuesta, Paco Leon, Debi Mazar, Anna Castillo, Julián Villagran


Paco Leon


It's Franco's Madrid in the early 1960s and Ava Gardner (Debi Mazar, Younger, Goodfellas and Entourage) has moved there to flee husband Frank Sinatra, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, and the paparazzi. Her household staff consists of a pair posing as husband and wife who are actually spies. They're also opposites: housekeeper Ana Mari (Inma Cuesta) is a conservative soul who teaches young ladies how to be good housewives and mothers, and chauffeur Manolo (Paco León, the series director) is a happy-go-lucky wheeler-dealer always out to make a buck. The gig isn't so easy on Ana Mari, as Ava's laissez-faire approach to life, love and booze is the exact opposite of her own chasteness. She's in for quite the ride, whether it's the Hollywood megastar's all-night parties robbing their neighbor, Argentinian dictator Juan Perón (Osmar Núñez), of his cherished sleep, or dragging a drunken Ava back home after nights danced away with the rowdy crowds at Madrid's hippest clubs. In all the turmoil, Ana Mari lets her defenses down and unexpectedly falls for Manolo.


TV Series/Foreign


Not Rated


242 Minutes


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