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The Runaways


Not Rated

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Grv brgrv20221 Blu-ray
UPC: 810047232599
11/17/2020 Not Available
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UPC: 810047232582

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On Blu-ray November 17 2020Now Available
On DVD November 17 2020Now Available

Product Details


In the English coastal town of Whitby, Reith (Mark Addy - Game of Thrones, A Knight’s Tale) runs the local donkey rides with his three children, Angie (Molly Windsor - Three Girls), Polly (Macy Shackleton - Funny Cow) and Ben (Rhys Connah - Happy Valley).
As Whitby shuts for the winter, their Uncle Blythe (Lee Boardman - Jack the Giant Slayer) returns from prison, looking to collect a long-standing family debt.
When Reith unexpectedly passes away, the children left to cope for themselves, Angie, the eldest, decides to flee with her siblings and two donkeys.
After a chase through the alleyways of Whitby, the children escape into the wilderness and beauty of the North York Moors. Here begins a search for their estranged mother Maggie (Tara Fitzgerald - Game of Thrones).
With Blythe in close pursuit, the children and donkeys venture west across the country, crossing paths with chancers, thieves, and new friends. Through the misadventures they discover what it truly means to be a family




Not Rated


112 Minutes


Gravitas Ventures