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Science Fiction

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Grv dgrv20250d DVD
UPC: 810047233480
01/12/2021 Not Available
Grv brgrv20250 Blu-ray
UPC: 810047233497
01/12/2021 Not Available

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On Blu-ray January 12 2021Now Available
On DVD January 12 2021Now Available

Product Details


After an unknown cataclysm, Adam (Alex Knapp) is alone. the sole inhabitant of a vacant, unchanged world. Before it all ended, he was a wallflower who could barely find the words to speak. Now, the only one left, he’s made the silent, empty world his simple, singular domain. Basic routines keep him grounded as he makes his way through the desolate landscape, foraging and tending to the world everyone else left behind.

In the stillness of Adam’s world, visions come to him—the fateful night his best friend Kyle (Nore Davis) introduces him to the love of his life, K (Olivia Luccardi).

As Adam’s mental state starts to deteriorate, things become more uncanny as he is plagued by lingering questions and uncertain realities about his world. His grip on what’s left starts to slip away—sending him spiraling towards a series of unforeseen consequences and unexpected truths.


Science Fiction


Rated 0


Gravitas Ventures