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The Road to Damascus


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UPC: 810047234500
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03/09/2021 Not Available

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Drowning in debt and struggling to stay sober, Francis (Frank Red) is coming undone. When his roommate, Shelly (Becky Killerson), a trans sex worker with her own addictions, goes missing, Francis joins an effort to find her. He is thrown headlong into her private world and nightmarish past, unwittingly enlisting in a criminal network operated by Shelly’s Pimp, Vic (Jordan Curtis). Guided by Barry (Denzel Moore), a mid-level enforcer, Francis begins to expose dangerous secrets and tensions mount. Soon, a search for Shelly devolves into striving for meaning in the face of oblivion. This ensemble drama explores themes of capitalist greed and toxic masculinity within the context of a procedural crime-drama. Drawing heavily from the filmmakers' and actors' own experiences, the film authentically depicts urban mid-western crime and poverty in an effort to honestly represent and better communicate with under-served communities.




Not Rated


Gravitas Ventures