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Grv dgrv21960d DVD
UPC: 810047234586
03/16/2021 Not Available
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03/16/2021 Not Available

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On Blu-ray March 16 2021Now Available
On DVD March 16 2021Now Available

Product Details


Hayden (Scott Hamm) and Misha's (Michele Martin) marriage has been in a freefall for quite some time, and a couples' weekend getaway might just be the safety net they need. When the troubled couple arrives at a secluded rental home with Hayden's best friend Chris (Rob Mayes), and his wife Nora (Nija Okoro), the trip appears to be off to a fun and relaxing start. Soon the foursome encounters Bo-Lee (Kipp Tribble), an odd caretaker living on the property, and they grow increasingly suspicious of the man and his possible sinister motives. After a dangerous secret amongst the friends begins to surface, and with Bo-Lee's actions becoming more and more bizarre, it becomes clear that this weekend may be their last.




Not Rated


Gravitas Ventures