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Warmed-Over Krautrock


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Grv brgrv21952 Blu-ray
UPC: 810047234470
03/02/2021 Not Available
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UPC: 810047234463
03/02/2021 Not Available

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On Blu-ray March 02 2021Now Available
On DVD March 02 2021Now Available

Product Details


What do you do when you love music, and music doesn’t love you back?

It’s a question that haunts Walt (Jim Tavaré), the owner of Essential Music, an indie record store in the heart of the L.A. skinny-jeans district of Silver Lake. Walt is all too aware of how his punk-rock glory days are fast fading in the rear-view... even as he can’t help recounting war stories to his much younger employees: Lysette (Kate Dalton), who has to contend with a parade of customers convinced she’s the Record Store Girl of their dreams; Chris (Derek James Elstro), the lead singer of Troubled Meats, a band poised for takeoff, and maybe not just in Chris’ mind; and well-meaning music nut Duane (Adam Weber), who’s a little too fluent in Rock Critic for his own good.

With a love of all types of music evident in every shot, Warmed-Over Krautrock is a comedy for anyone who’s ever spent too much time obsessing over playlists — and for anyone who’s ever been driven crazy by that type of person, too.




Not Rated


Gravitas Ventures