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86 Melrose Avenue


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Boxart Format Release Date
Grv brgrv21979 Blu-ray
UPC: 810047235071
04/20/2021 Not Available
Grv dgrv21979d DVD
UPC: 810047235064
04/20/2021 Not Available

Release Dates

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In Theaters N/A
On 4K-UHD Not AvailableAlert MeRemind Me
On Blu-ray April 20 2021Now Available
On DVD April 20 2021Now Available

Product Details


86 Melrose Avenue is a character-driven narrative, where interpersonal drama unfolds during a fateful night in Los Angeles. It addresses major themes that are current in today's political climate, as well as being very relevant to a world filled with misperceptions, xenophobia, violence and miscommunication. 86 Melrose Avenue is also a character study of people from all walks of life and races whose lives intersect during a decisive 24 hour period. It is a film that deals with several themes, such as cultural, political, and social differences, with characters from diverse nationalities, including the United States, Lebanon and Israel. It deals with human connection, human perception, and mental illness (PTSD) in a fast-paced and desensitized world. It presents characters who don’t have much in common and yet each has had a past experience which has shaped his/her perception of events and people.




Not Rated


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