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Kid's Planet: Season One, Volume One


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Dms d41288d DVD
UPC: 810071441288
02/16/2021 Not Available

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Product Details


From humility and forgiveness to honesty and empathy, this show helps kids to understand the importance of being courteous and developing good character to make wise choices in life. This bundle contains Volume One of Season One, episodes 1-6. Episode 1: In this first episode of Kids’ Planet, Nova will invite the children to accompany her on their first adventure together. Learn how different cultures practice table manners and how, even though we have differences, we can all come together to be friends and learn from each other! Episode 2: Why is it so important to be polite? With the help of her friend Curious, Nova is going on an adventure to discover how to greet people, say goodbye, and the importance of three magic words! Episode 3: It's time to get ready for school! It's very important that we get ready, eat breakfast, and leave early so we aren't late! But how do we behave at school? Let's find out with the help of Nova and Curious! Episode 4: Let's become super pedestrians! This episode takes us on a journey to learn all about the correct way to cross the street, the rules to follow to make car rides super fun, and what certain traffic lights and signals mean. Episode 5: What is the best way that we can show loyalty, respect, and understanding? Curious and Nova are going to teach us about empathy and how we can make our friendships stronger! Episode 6: It's time we learn about how to take care of our planet and the environment around us! Curious and Nova will teach us the importance of recycling and how to take care of plants, pets, and the world.




Not Rated