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Mr Lobo: Mark of the Damned


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UPC: 089218115393
05/06/2021 Not Available

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Product Details


Mister Lobo celebrates 20 years of hosting his show Cinema Insomnia. In the tradition of those classic horror shows like Chiller Theatre and Creature Features, host Lobo appears in brief vignettes between segments of the "late late night movie." Various colorful characters have appeared over the show's 18-year run – including a houseplant named Miss Mittens, and the Queen of Trash, a curvaceous punk rocker partial to corsets. There are even satirical commercials, like the ever-popular 'Rad Adams: Skateboard Attorney.' Cinema Insomnia has been seen on hundreds of local television and cable channels, and Lobo continues to be a regular guest at conventions like Wondercon and Monster Bash. He was even parodied in an episode of Scooby-Doo. Known as an advocate for "Bad Movies", Mr. Lobo lives by the motto, "They're not bad movies...just...misunderstood."

Thrillseekers beware! Your Danger Ring is flashing! It's warning you of a world far beyond normal -- Where mad scientists, masked men, vampire girls, demons, monsters, rocket-packed heroes, zombie hunters, and even kung-fu robots dwell! Mark of the Damned is an off-beat homage to the classic 'El Santo' movies of the 60s and 70s -- but with a stylish (and sexy) twist! It's even purposefully dubbed badly to make fans of old Mexican wrestling flicks feel right at home! This Cinema Insomnia Halloween special hosted by Mr. Lobo is loaded with slumber party fun, outré humor, vintage TV ads, retro craziness, and informative interviews filmed on location in Richmond, Virginia -- detailing the making of Eric Miller's homegrown black-and-white Midnight Movie adventure! There's also a hilarious musical cooking segment with recording artist 'Slob Zombie' and a Cinema Insomnia music video, 'Watching TV', featuring Ron Dante of The Archies!




Not Rated


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