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Ultraman Kids 3000: The Complete Series

TV Series/Action

Not Rated

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Dss d55023d DVD
UPC: 683904550231

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On DVD December 06 2022Now Available

Product Details


The Ultraman Kids are a lovable bunch of outer space kids on a quest through the galaxy to find their leader Mar's missing parents. Along the way they have fun and adventures and even learn a thing or two!
Mar is the leader of the Ultraman Kids. He's a curious fun-loving little boy with a taste for adventure and a talent for mischief. Mar is still learning how to use his fantastic Ultra Powers so sometimes his Ultra Beam goes everywhere except where he's aiming. Look out!
Pico is a bright clever girl, capable of anything the Ultra Boys can do. She's the peace-maker of the group, often helping smooth out troubles between the kids. Pico always looks for the good in others - even monsters, with whom she's made a few huge, hairy, scary looking friends!
Tar is the strongest of the Ultraman Kids. Unfortunately he's somewhat lacking in brain power to go along with his muscle power. Tar's bravery and courage come straight from his heart.
Sebu is the Ultraman Kids' resident scientific genius. He’s complete, concise and well-organized, the exact opposite of Mar. Always studying, Sebu is dedicated in his pursuit of understanding the mysteries of nature.
Pigco is a lovable, squeezable creature and a fine friend to all the Ultraman Kids. Pigco is always seen together with little Midori. Sometimes it seems as if the two of them are two parts of one strange creature.
Varu is the self-proclaimed head of the monster crew. He's conceited, short tempered and determined to spoil the Kids' fun. All the Kids, that is, except for Pico on whom he's got a monster sized crush. Varu and his bumbling monster crew are always coming up with half-baked schemes to ruin the Ultraman Kids. But in the end it’s the monster crew who get a dose of their own messy medicine.
Together these kids find fun and adventure wherever they go.


TV Series/Action


Not Rated


0650 Minutes


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