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Riders Of The Desert


Not Rated

Box Office: $0.0M

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Bob Steele, Gertrude Messinger, George Hayes


Robert N. Bradbury


Bob Houston returns home to Apache Gulch and learns that his girlfriend's father, Jim Reynolds, Captain of the Texas Rangers, has been murdered by a notorious gang led by "Hashknife" Brooks. The rangers have been disbanded and relieved of their official duties by the local government, but Bob and a group of the former lawmen set out to track down the killers. Armed to the teeth, they are determined to visit justice upon the guilty.

Bob Steele is directed by his father, Robert N. Bradbury, in this Sono Art-World Wide Pictures Incorporated production. Riders of the Desert is unique in that Bob is supported by both Al St. John and a young-looking "Gabby" Hayes who takes a rare turn as a villain. Steele, who was born Robert Bradbury, Jr., took roles in a number of the senior Bradbury's films, as well as dozens of other cowboy pictures. Unlike many of his fellow western stars, Steele routinely broke free of the genre, notably playing Curly in the 1939 classic Of Mice and Men.




Not Rated


63 Minutes