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The All-American Boy


Rated R

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UPC: 883316278512
06/16/2011 Not Available

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Jon Voight, E.J. Peaker, Ned Glass, Carol Androsky, Anne Archer, Gene Borkan, Ron Burns, Rosalind Cash, Jeanne Cooper, Peggy Cowles, Leigh French, Bob Hastings, Kathy Mahoney, Art Metrano, Jaye P. Morgan, Harry Northup, Nancie Phillips, Jeff Thompson


Charles Eastman


Joseph T. Naar, Saul J. Krugman


When Vic "Bomber" Bealer enters the ring, he comes out a winner. But there may be one opponent this amateur boxer may never defeat: himself. Jon Voight answers the bell as Bealer in The All-American Boy, a provocative study of alienation from the writer of Little Fauss and Big Halsy. Drifting through a string of passionless affairs (E.J. Peaker, Rosalind Cash and Anne Archer play the women in Bealer's life), working a dead-end gas-jockey job in a dusty nowhere, Bealer knows he's safe in his cocoon of noncommitment. But there's a flicker of hope inside him not yet extinguished. He's the local boxing champ, gifted with hard-hitting talent that with work and resolve may be enough to springboard him to the amateur nationals and beyond. Only Bealer himself can make it happen. It may be more responsibility than he can shoulder.




Rated R


118 Minutes