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The Blue Knight


Not Rated

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Wrc br736931 Blu-ray MOD
UPC: 888574770716
12/11/2018 Not Available

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On Blu-ray December 11 2018Now Available
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George Kennedy, Alex Rocco, Glynn Turman, Verna Bloom, Michael Margotta, Seth Allen, John Steadman, Richard Hurst, Bart Burns, Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Walter Barnes, Eric Christmas, Marc Alaimo, Joseph Wambaugh


J. Lee Thompson


John Furia Jr.


Oscar -winner* William Holden made his first major TV appearance in decades with this landmark adaptation of Joseph Wambaugh's depiction of life on the LAPD beat. Nominated for five Emmys and winning three (including an acting award for Holden), The Blue Knight pioneered "novels for television" and told the story of LA cop Bumper Morgan (Holden) and his final week before retirement. The years have taken their toll on Bumper, both within and without, but this tarnished chevalier of the streets is still dedicated to protecting the public that he mistrusts from the criminal elements in its midst. There are just a few things Bumper needs to get done before collecting his pension and getting married to college instructor Cassie Walters (Lee Remick), chief among them solving a vicious murder. Holden toplines a terrific ensemble cast that includes Joe Santos, Sam Elliott, Anne Archer and Eileen Brennan.




Not Rated


78 Minutes