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Barbarians At The Gate


Rated R

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UPC: 883316791479

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On DVD September 04 2001Now Available

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James Garner, Jonathan Pryce, Joanna Cassidy, Peter Riegert, Fred Dalton Thompson, Leilani Sarelle Ferrer, Matt Clark, Jeffrey DeMunn, David Rasche, Tom Aldredge, Graham Beckel, Peter Dvorsky, Mark Frechette, Judy Altman, Bruce Beatty, Raye Birk, Julia Calderon, Ron Canada, Ann Cooper


Glenn Jordan


Ray Stark


The 80's... It was a time when everybody was doing the big bucks, but f. Ross Johnson, CEO of R.J. R. Nabisco has every intention of making a fortune. When Johnson (James Garner) decides to buy out the Nabisco shareholders and take over his company, no one is prepared for what hits the fan. Johnson is introduced to the master of the leveraged buyout, Henry Kravis (Johnathon Pryce) but, afraid of losing the company to this sharp dealer, he decides to make his move with Peter Cohen (Peter Riegert). Kravis, however, is not to be outdone, and begins an aggressive campaign of his own. What follows is a down-to-the-wire battle to see who's really king of the Wall Street jungle. They may look like polite, well-dressed businessmen, but listen hard and you can hear the pounding of BARBARIANS AT THE GATE.




Rated R


106 Minutes