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Alexis Bledel, Coolio, David Hyde Pierce, Felicity Huffman, Jim Belushi, John Doe, Laura Kightlinger, Lewis Black, Paul Rudd, Sarah Wynter, Taye Diggs, Terry Kinney, Tina Holmes, Zooey Deschanel


Laura Kightlinger, Karl T. Hirsch, John Stalberg, John Daschbach, Amy Lippman, Philip Euling, Scott Peehl, Terri Miller


Laud Weiner - David Hyde Pierce stars as a ""producer, agent, all-around-Hollywood-wonder guy"" in this short, slick and sharply funny look at life in the biz.

House Hunting - Paul Rudd, Zooey Deschanel, Terry Kinney, and Felicity Huffman explore the lower depths of marriage, sex, kleptomania and realtors in this darkly comic adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael Chabon's short story.

Curiosity - A taut and edgy thriller in which Cheyenne Jackson finds a random video taped to the back of a street lamp that hits a little too close to home.

Dysenchanted - In this engaging comic vignette, Jim Belushi plays therapist to the women of fairy tales. Alexis Bledel, Laura Kightlinger and Sarah Wynter are among the storybook characters in distress.

Dependable People - In the tradition of Office Space, comedy veterans Laura Kightlinger and Lewis Black have desk jobs from hell.

Media Whore - Chris Hardwick presents a hilarious retrospective on the inept Muzik Channel VJ Astrid. Starring Taye Diggs, John Doe, and Coolio.

Waking Dreams - Tina Holmes is having premonitions that an executive she works with (Ben Shenkman) will die a horrible death in this paranormal thriller.

Mr. Dramatic - In this hysterically funny look at a man who lives life like he's in a spy movie, Oliver Hudson is the king of drama. To Amy Acker, though, he could be the worst date imaginable.




Not Rated


97 Minutes


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