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Charmed: The Complete Fifth Season

TV Series/Fantasy

Not Rated

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Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan


Piper (Combs) and Phoebe (Milano), now with younger half-sister Paige (McGowan) up to speed with her powers, more or less, and ''The Power of Three'' all living under one roof at the Halliwell manor, are trying to get their respective personal lives in order. All the while, continuing to battle the worst evils that come their way. Oldest sister Piper and her husband Leo (Krause), the siblings' whitelighter guardian angel, are thrilled at the prospect of the impending birth of their child. Yet, dealing with a normal pregnancy is tough enough, but factoring in their unborn baby's use of her magical powers gives Piper cause for concern. Although adjusting to complexities of being pregnant and fighting evil, Piper has the added responsibility of looking out for her younger sisters and still running the Halliwell's successful nightclub P3. It's become a lot to handle coupled with possessing the trio's strongest power – exploding an object or demon at will in addition to the power of freezing, but Piper has proved she's more than capable of carrying the burden. While middle sister Phoebe's career is on the rise, the same can't be said of her romantic life. Recently employed as a popular gossip columnist at a local newspaper, she's gained notoriety for her work, but she's trying to finalize her divorce from Cole (McMahon), the part demon/part human who became ''The Source'' (the greatest of all evil) and was vanquished, only to cling to life because of his love for Phoebe. Finally over her love for Cole, she's ready to get on with her life without him, unfortunately, after resurrecting himself, he's determined to prove his love for her by trying to do good. Phoebe's martial arts skills, her ability to levitate, the power of premonitions and her skill at making potions have helped vanquish many a demon. Youngest sister Paige has gone through quite a change in the past year with learning of her true heritage, then becoming adept at utilizing her powers of orbing herself and objects at will and getting used to having a family again. Raised by adoptive parents who died while she was still in high school, Paige was used to being a loner, but now she's proved to her sisters that she's up to the task of being one-third of the Power of Three. When it comes to good old fashioned police help, Inspector Darryl Morris (Dorian Gregory) is always there when the sisters need some aide or advice. As ''The Charmed Ones,'' the three most powerful good witches to ever exist, the Halliwell sisters defeated ''The Source'' but now face the existence of powerful evils still prevalent and looking to defeat them. As Piper, Phoebe and Paige continue to wage war against all evil, they seek to strengthen their sisterly bond as they get closer to fulfilling their destiny.


TV Series/Fantasy


Not Rated


989 Minutes