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Devils Of Darkness


Not Rated

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Avm d587836d DVD MOD
UPC: 191091587836
02/16/2021 Not Available

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On DVD February 16 2021Now Available

Product Details


William Sylvester, Hubert Noel, Tracey Reed


Lance Comfort


William Sylvester (Paul Baxter) is on holiday with a group of friends when he stumbles into a small English town in Brittany, which is primarily inhabited by gypsies. Baxter incurs the wrath of Count Sinistre (Hubert Noel), when he takes possession of a precious talisman belonging to The Count. Count Sinistre is a 400 year-old vampire. However, the group which follow The Count are really a group of Satan worshippers, who just happen to be led by the evil vampire, Count Sinistre. Not to mention, The Count and his followers are always seeking out fresh victims. Count Sinistre returns to terrorize the townspeople on All Soul's Night, and murders three of Baxter's friends. Baxter is skeptical of the supernatural nature of the town and returns home with the talisman belonging to Sinistre, which he had taken from the scene of one of The Count's murdered victims. Count Sinistre pursues Baxter in an attempt to recover the talisman, and kill other victims along the way. Missing coffins, gypsy predictions and vampire bats permeate this film, making it even more frightening then it already is! This is classic horror from the 1960's. A real vintage piece of art!




Not Rated


90 Minutes