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X-Men: The Official Game


Rated T

PlayStation 2


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Ps2 act 81427 PlayStation 2 047875814271 05/16/2006
Xb3 act 81439 XBOX 360 047875814394 05/16/2006

Product Details

PlayStation 2


Building on the momentum of the successful X-men franchise and the highly anticipated film X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men: The Official Game empowers you to truly embody the X-Men for the first time--mastering their ferocity, speed and agility like never before. Experience events leading up to X-Men: The Last Stand and go beyond--battling fearsome villians and exploring epic environments in this action-packed X-Men adventure.


Master the power of the X-Men - Obliterate enemies and objects as Wolverine, using your lethal claws and crushing brute force. As Nightcrawler, scale walls, swing from rafters and teleport through environments to surprise enemies. Shoot ice bursts and create hailstorms as lightning-fast Iceman. For even more power, utilize fury and adrenaline modes.

Become a part of the X-Men movie universe - Embark on a globe-spanning conflict featuring every element of the X-Men universe-from favorite villians to famous locations such as Alkali Lake, plus the voices and likeness of key actors from the films.

Battle fierce enemies, join forces with comrades - Face off against movie villains such as Pyro, Magneto and Sabretooth, plus added foes like legions of Sentinels. Storm, Colossus, and Cyclops join forces with you in gameplay that includes melee fighting, stealth-style action and time-based missions.

Next-gen console and handheld exclusives - Experience the X-Men universe in amazing HD on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Only the Game Boy Advance version allows you to play as Colossus. Play as Magento on the Nintendo DS version - a platform exclusive - and use the touch screen and stylus to activate your character's super move and "X-Factor," plus grab objects, target lock and more.




Rated T (Teen)