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Halo Reach Limited Edition Guide

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XBOX 360


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Missing art xs XBOX 360 752073012335 09/14/2010

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XBOX 360


''Halo: Reach,'' developed exclusively for Xbox 360 by acclaimed developer Bungie, is the blockbuster prequel to the best-selling Xbox franchise of all time. It represents the culmination of Bungie's 10 years of experience crafting groundbreaking ''Halo'' games that have raised expectations for what can be achieved in a video game. In ''Halo: Reach,'' players experience the fateful moments that forged the ''Halo'' legend. It's the story of Noble Team, a squad of heroic Spartan soldiers, and their final stand on planet Reach, humanity's last line of defense between the terrifying Covenant and Earth. This darker story is echoed by grittier visuals amid a backdrop of massive, awe-inspiring environments. Characters, enemies and environments are rendered in amazing detail by an all-new engine designed to deliver epic-scale encounters against the cunning and ruthless Covenant. Once the campaign is over, the battle continues online with an unparalleled multiplayer experience that expands on the award-winning suite of features that helped define the Xbox LIVE experience.1 The ''Halo: Reach'' multiplayer beta, on track to be the largest beta program of its kind on any console, is expected to see millions of participants when it begins May 3. Players can access the multiplayer beta on Xbox LIVE through the ''Halo 3: ODST'' disc.2

Beautiful hardcover book with dust jacket features MULTIPLE FINISHES.
Official ARTWORK enhances pages designed for beauty and easy-of-use.
Exclusive MAPS found only in the official guide show locations of enemy engagements and weapon caches for the campaign.
WALKTHROUGH is carefully written to guide the user through all difficulty levels.
ENEMIES and CHARACTERS sections show official art, bios, and lists stats.
Chapters covering the CREDIT SYSTEM and ARMOR CUSTOMIZATION provide information and tactics for obtaining the available armor pieces for character customization in the fastest way possible.
ACHIEVEMENTS guide describes all achievements and trophies in the game, including how to complete them.
PLUS…Exclusive 96 PAGE DEVELOPER'S DIARY with CONCEPT ART and personal commentary from the design team at Bungie studios. A MUST for any Halo fan!


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