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Get Fit With Mel B


Rated E

PlayStation 3


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Missing art xs PlayStation 3 895678002827 09/29/2010
Psm sce 90188 PlayStation 3 711719018827 10/20/2010
Wii max 950086 Nintendo Wii 895678002841 09/10/2011

Product Details

PlayStation 3


Get Fit with Mel B is a comprehensive fi tness program created by world-famous Spice Girl Mel B in partnership with leading health experts. The program takes advantage of Sony’s brand new Move technology, allowing for a one-on-on fi tness experience like no other. The program includes a wide variety of exercises designed to develop strength, tone, fl exibility and aerobic fi tness and is complemented by full nutritional advice, which includes recipes and shopping lists based on your unique goals, likes and dislikes. It’s like having a real personal fi tness coach right there in your home! In Get Fit with Mel B, you will appear on-screen alongside Mel. She will monitor your performance, giving tips on the improvement of form as well as encouragement when the going gets tough. Choose to work out in varied locations, tell Mel your goals, what kind of exercise equipment you have (such as dumbbells, resistance bands etc.) and she will tailor a program just for you. Get Fit with Mel B is a huge leap forward in the home fi tness fi eld and will help you lose the pounds, get in shape or reach a new level of health.

A comprehensive program created by Mel B with leading health experts specifically for PlayStation® Move.
More interaction than any other workout game; Appear on-screen with Mel and receive coaching tips specific to YOU
Aim to reach one or multiple fi tness and health goals. You tell Mel what you want and she helps you get there.
Enjoy a custom nutrition plan based on your goals and your likes and dislikes. Don’t like shellfish? Can’t eat pork? Gluten is an issue? No problem, just tell Mel and she’ll create delicious menus perfect for you.
Every component of Mel’s program is based on years of research and proven fitness principals. If you follow Mel’s guidance and stick with the program, you cannot fail to reach your goals.
PlayStation® Move offers a unique fitness experience. In addition to bring on-screen with Mel B, PlayStation Move’s technology can see and record every detail of your exercise. This means that unlike other programs that assume you’re doing things correctly, the program can actually determine if you need help or guidance and then offer positive feedback enabling you to get it right and progress in your fitness goals. It’s like having your own real-life coach!




Rated E (Everyone)