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Onrush (Day 1)


Rated E10+

PlayStation 4


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Ps4 sqe 01505 PlayStation 4 816819015056 06/05/2018
Xb1 sqe 01506 XBOX ONE 816819015063 06/05/2018

Product Details

PlayStation 4


Race, smash and takedown your opponents in Onrush, a refreshing break from the norm action/arcade racing. Dare to be reckless and win at all costs as you enter into Onrush, the world's most celebrated and globally streamed, extreme sport. Onrush catapults you into the heart of the action, as you chase down vehicles in vibrant, multi-layered, landscapes that will thrill, excite and encourage players to perform the most extravagant takedowns! Win as a team and defeat all to show the world you have what it takes to become the 'Onrush Champion'.

- Takedowns - Speed off cliff edges and traverse huge ramps flying hundreds of feet through the sky; Land with immense force crushing any opposing team's vehicles unfortunate enough to be below
- Verticality - Explore and use the environments to barrel roll hundreds of feet through the air, vault off cliff edges, boost off ramps and even dive round the side of a 400ft dam
- Rush - To gain an unworldly edge, build your bar and unleash the invulnerable, euphoric blast of speed and power RUSH; unique to each vehicle, this is like nothing seen in any racing game before
- Team Play - Be part of the team and attack as a pack working together to earn Points, XP, Medals, Boost and ultimately 'RUSH' to obliterate the opposing team
- Always in the action - With no start or finish line Onrush is a constant stampede of action. Been wrecked? Just hold your breath as you respawn instantly back in the action and ready for revenge




Rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older)


Square Enix