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Nintendo Switch


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
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Ps4 max 11896 PlayStation 4 850340008545 11/10/2020
Xb1 max 11897 XBOX ONE 850340008569 11/10/2020
Swi max 11898 Nintendo Switch 850340008538 09/13/2022
Ps5 max 11744 PlayStation 5 850024479753 09/13/2022
Xbo max 11743 XBOX SERIES X 850024479777 09/13/2022

Product Details

Nintendo Switch


Xiii is a remake of the cult first-person shooter that was initially released in 2003. You play as “xiii”, a man without an identity, in a solo campaign with numerous twists and turns. Inspired by the eponymous graphic novel, the game features a completely reinvented and unique cel-shading design. In xiii, players can also take part in fierce multiplayer fights. You wake up, wounded and with amnesia, on a deserted Beach on the East Coast. The only clues as to your identity are a tattoo of the number xiii near your collarbone and a Locker key. Even though your memory is failing, you discover that you have the reflexes of a highly trained professional Fighter. You set off in search of your past, discovering that you played a role in the assassination of the President of the United States of America, and revealing the most astounding conspiracy ever hatched in the country's history.

- A new artistic direction that respects the original work and its iconic cel-shading design
- Numerous references to the eponymous graphic novel, including onomatopoeias, speech bubbles, panels, and more
- Varied gameplay with action, infiltration, and exploration phases and fierce multiplayer fights
- A breathtaking solo campaign with 34 levels; a brutal arsenal of 15 weapons to help you get your memory back




Rated M (Mature)


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