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Life In Willowdale: Farm Adventures


Rated E

PlayStation 5


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Ps5 max 821782 PlayStation 5 814290017828 10/25/2022
Ps4 max 791781 PlayStation 4 814290017811 10/25/2022
Swi max 481780 Nintendo Switch 814290017804 10/25/2022

Product Details

PlayStation 5


Return to the countryside, create a vibrant farm and save the village in Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures! The once lively village of Willowdale lies in ruins! The mayor's business-minded daughter, Penny, has seized the opportunity to completely modernize this once pleasant village. She doesn't really like animals and thinks keeping livestock is dirty. The natural balance in the village is hard to find. Return as a player to the quaint village of Willowdale. Your uncle, the mayor needs your help to restore Willowdale to its former glory. Save the village by creating a lively farm, restoring buildings in the village, and befriending the colorful inhabitants. Can you manage to bring the departed and now feral animals back to the farm? Take on unexpected challenges and discover more surprising stories behind Willowdale.

Back to Nature, Back to Basics - Perfect your green thumb as you work through the day to restore your farm to its former glory; harvesting produce, tending livestock, upgrading your skills; there's so much to do on this stretch of land
Are you ready to Explore? - Follow the paths outside town into the Flower Fields, Death Desert, Forgotten Forest, and Mighty Mountain; Just remember to go in prepared for the challenges that lie ahead
Danger is just around the corner - Pack your sword and be ready to defend yourself from the wrath of nature; Battle through dungeons full of danger to reach the top… And the monster that awaits your arrival
An Adventure for you and your Friends - Invite your friends for a fun local multiplayer experience and form the strongest battle party, worthy of being called Willowdale's Protectors
Go out and explore - The town isn't the only part of the game, explore various other locations each with their own challenges, bosses, and environment; Quests are also designed to explore these zones




Rated E (Everyone)


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