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Miraculous: Rise Of The Sphinx


Rated E

PlayStation 5


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Ps5 gme 66015 PlayStation 5 810110660151 10/25/2022
Ps4 gme 66014 PlayStation 4 810110660144 10/25/2022
Swi gme 66013 Nintendo Switch 810110660137 10/25/2022

Product Details

PlayStation 5


Paris needs a hero! Once again, the city of lights is in trouble as it faces a new menace-the most threatening sentimonster ever created is about to take control! As you take on the persona's of the globally renowned superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, you'll need to unveil the diabolical plan hatched by arch villain Hawk Moth-and squash it! Immerse yourself into the magical world of Miraculous and level up your superpowers as you embark on your biggest journey yet!

Epic Adventure! Immerse yourself in an original story as you take control of everyone's favorite heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Team Up! Experience the thrill of teamwork as you battle villains and de-evilize akumas together in local co-op.
More Villains! Come face to face with familiar villains Hawk Moth, Garner, Weredad, and Mr. Pigeon, and some new enemies too!
Discovery! Explore the streets of Paris as Marinette and Adrien and uncover the story behind their alter-ego's Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Super Gadgets! Use Ladybug's fast flinging yo-yo and Cat Noir's magical versatile staff to swing or vault into battle! Upgrade the gadgets to unlock powerful new moves!
Master Fu! Visit your friend and mentor Master Fu whose words of wisdom help you to learn new powers.
Kwami Shop: Discover the many treasures of the Kwami shop as you unlock never-before-seen artwork, music and more.




Rated E (Everyone)


Game Mill Entertainment