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Redout 2: Deluxe Edition


Rated E

PlayStation 5


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Ps5 max 821842 PlayStation 5 814290018429 12/06/2022
Ps4 max 791841 PlayStation 4 814290018412 12/06/2022
Swi max 481843 Nintendo Switch 814290018436 12/06/2022

Product Details

PlayStation 5


The fastest racing game in the universe. Redout 2 is a tribute to classic arcade racing games and the sequel to the critically acclaimed Redout, where racing through the dystopian wastelands of a semi-abandoned Earth is one of the galaxy's most popular sports. Reach impossible speeds in exhilarating futuristic races across an extensive single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer. Deep control systems, robust hovership customization, and a killer soundtrack make Redout 2 the premier anti-gravity racer. The Deluxe Edition of Redout 2 includes the base game and the Redout 2 - Season Pass. The Redout 2 - Season Pass includes 2 future DLC packs with new locations, career events, rewards, and more. Online multiplayer on console requires internet and online subscription (sold separately).

Speed and Control: Experience blazing fast speeds and an intuitive driving system that makes Redout 2 a blast to pick up and play, but also rewarding for those prepared to master the super-high skill ceiling
Extensive Career Mode: Fly through hundreds of events across 36 unique racetracks - all of which are reversible; From Arena Races and Time Attacks to Last Man Standing and intense Boss Races, dart past the competition and dominate the finish line
Competitive Multiplayer: Race against others in intense online multiplayer action; Dive into fresh challenges with regularly-added custom content, alongside seasons that include unique aesthetic rewards
Comprehensive Customization: Choose from 12 chassis and customize your hovership with stabilizers, rudders, intercoolers, flaps, magnets, wings, spoilers, rocket engines, paints, and more; Share your best high-speed highlights with Photo Mode




Rated E (Everyone)


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