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Orc cd5137761 CD Music 10/16/2020

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Skool Love Affair (Special Edition CD + 2 DVD)




CD and 2 x DVD, a photobook, 8 photocards (random), a postcard and possibly one additional photocard which will be new to this repress.?" 7071245388119,Hoga Nord Rekords proudly presents Birds from London. Birds or Katie Wilkinson is relatively new as a producer but has been DJ-ing and playing in bands for the last nine years, marinating herself in interesting underground music. This 7'', Transcendental Phases/Tunnel Vision is her first release on Hoga Nord Rekords. Birds is a declaration of love to electronic music and psychedelia. The vocals in Tunnel Vision bares traces from the psychedelic pioneers of the 60's - Think Roky Erikson with a Roland 303! Birds' music is powerful and monotonous and she creates a dirty, warm and monumental soundscape. The production is airy and dynamic. Wilkinson mean that ''we must try and find harmony in what we have and try and aim towards something positive, despite the fact that we live in a society that's been completed fucked via the selfish behaviour of others (and most probably, ourselves at times).'' With Brexit and the new wave of racism, spreading over Europe Birds makes music for a generation left with little hope but with the desire for something too long for.




CD1:     Skool Love Affair(Special Edition) Cd/2 Dvd     BTS     18 Tracks
1:    Miss Right - 4:01
2:    Like (Slow Jam Remix) - 3:52
3:    Intro: Skool Luv Affair - 2:58
4:    Boy in Luv - 3:50
5:    Skit: Soulmate - 1:32
6:    Where You From - 4:00
7:    Just One Day - 3:59
8:    Tomorrow - 4:21
9:    BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych - 4:48
10:    Spine Breaker - 3:58
11:    Jump - 3:56
12:    Outro: Propose - 2:02
13:    Boy In Luv (Instrumental) - 3:50
14:    Where You From (Instrumental) - 4:00
15:    Just One Day (Instrumental) - 3:59
16:    Tomorrow (Instrumental) - 4:21
17:    Spine Breaker (Instrumental) - 3:58
18:    Jump (Instrumental) - 3:56