Today:  05/19/2019

Review: Liam Neeson goes out with a bang in 'Cold Pursuit'

Posted May 14,2019 - 05:55 PM

208934 gmidtp

It is incredibly hard to make it in showbiz. Few actors are lucky to make it and even fewer are able to find a second life in a completely different genre. Enter Liam Neeson. Thanks to Liam some unexpected actors are suddenly finding later in life success in the action genre.

It all started with a little film called Taken and the rest, as they say, is history.

Liam has stated that Cold Pursuit will be his last action film and judging by the film itself, that's a shame. Of course, judging by the comments that got him in hot water while he was out promoting the theatrical release of Cold Pursuit, Hollywood might be OK with allowing this movie to be his action swan song.

Cold Pursuit follows an upstanding citizen of a small Colorado town whose life is devasted when his son is murdered....

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Review: 'Never Grow Old' is the Western film that we need right now

Posted May 14,2019 - 04:59 PM

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There was an old adage around video stores that Western films always rent. No matter the quality, people just couldn't get enough stories of the Old West and that remains true to this day.

Surprisingly, Hollywood hasn't really tapped into this sweet spot much lately. Sure, there is the odd one here and there, but if you compare the number of Westerns released each year to the number of action or comedy films, they would dwarf the Western numbers.

Of course, some of that is due to market correction when the industry was head-over-heels for cowboys through the 1960s, but then something changed. Now, we are lucky if we get one solid Western film a year in today's market.

Well, let me tell you, this year's solid Western film comes in the form of Never Grow Old.

A peaceful frontier town...

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Review: 'Life Like' proves that even pretty robots can be bad

Posted May 14,2019 - 03:45 PM


Look, I get it. If we are going to create cyborgs or robots with artificial intelligence, it makes more sense to model them after the best specimens among us and not say Jack Black. That's nothing against Jack Black, he's incredibly gifted, but if I had a choice between having my robot look like him or Alicia Vikander, I'm choosing Alicia every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

But, the idea of beautiful robots has run its course and Life Like is just the latest example of why we need ugly AI robots in the future. Or at least ones that don't have quite an active libido.

In Life Like, a young couple played by pretty people themselves in Drew Van Acker and Addison Timlin, purchase a lifelike robot to help them around the house. You know, cook and clean and fulfill even your most...

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Review: Dane Cook changes his spots for 'American Exit'

Posted May 14,2019 - 02:47 PM

American exit

If you look at this past week's box office, you'll notice that Ryan Reynolds is back making serious bank with his mouth. This time, he's traded in his foul-mouthed Deadpool routine for something more family friendly in Detective Pikachu.

If you forgive the comparison, Dane Cook is looking to make a similar move with this week's release American Exit. Cook is known for his raunchy comic routines and starring roles in big budget comedies like Good Luck Chuck and My Best Friend's Girl, but American Exit is decidedly something completely different.

Dane Cook plays a desperate father who steals an expensive painting from a shady art dealer intent on selling it for a quick profit. He brings his rebellious son along for the ride as sort of a last-ditch effort to bond before his terminal...

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Review: 'Godzilla' is the king of all 4K monsters

Posted May 14,2019 - 12:30 PM


It might be the drugs talking, but I really enjoyed my revisit with 1998's accidentally hokey Godzilla. Allow me to backtrack a bit. I was diagnosed with Strep and a viral sinus infection this past weekend and the meds might have made me a bit loopy.

I remember seeing Godzilla in theaters when it first came out. Directed by Roland Emmerich, it promised to do to monster films what Independence Day did to alien invasion movies. Spoiler alert: it did not.

No, the critics and audience both turned Godzilla and its place in cinematic history was cemented in farce and comedy. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder and when I sat down to watch the film for the first time in decades, I was curious how it would play in a world where realistic monster films are dominating the...

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Review: 'Black Hawk Down' explodes on 4K UHD

Posted May 07,2019 - 04:59 PM


If there's one constant in human evolution, it's the devastating effect of war on our society. Whether it's muskets and the Colonists forging their independence from the British or the United States changing warfare forever by dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, war has lasting effects on humanity.

So too, do movies made about these wars have lasting effects on film audiences. Whether it's Full Metal Jacket and the Vietnam war or Pearl Harbor and World War II, it seems that every conflict has a film that comes to encompass that war. For the Somalia incursion, the film that has come to be synonymous with early 1990s war efforts is Black Hawk Down.

Not surprisingly, director Ridley Scott lends his gritty visual style to the film that many have claimed is as close to approximating real...

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Review: 'Dragged Across Concrete' will beat you into submission

Posted April 26,2019 - 04:12 PM


If the title wasn't enough of a tipoff that the film isn't for the faint of heart, perhaps the running time in excess of two and a half hours will chase off fickle viewers. Let's be frank, Dragged Across Concrete is one of those visceral viewing experiences that will have you racing into the shower when the credits finally roll.

And yet, despite what some may call torture, the film is precisely the sort of excruciating palette cleanser that writer-director S. Craig Zahler is quickly becoming known for. These type of films were littered through the 1970s and 1980s, but much like Mel Gibson's walking cop clichÃ, they are becoming as extinct as dinosaurs.

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are police detectives who find themselves suspended without pay when their strong-armed antics come under...

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Review: 'The Witch' is delicious on 4K UHD

Posted April 23,2019 - 03:39 PM

175622 kl6tk3

There are few films that truly shake you to your core. In the last decade, I can probably count on one hand the number of movies that have left me in such a state. The Witch is one of those films.

The directorial debut of young filmmaker Robert Eggers (he also wrote the script), The Witch is a period horror film set in the cradle of America when it was still in its infancy. It's 1630 and a devout Christian homesteader is expelled from his village over religious differences. Left to survive the harsh wilderness alone, the young family is soon tormented by supernatural forces.

I'm not going to lie. I have been waiting for this film to make its way on 4K UHD since the format debuted. With its extended fade to black scenes and eery soundtrack, there are few films more primed to...

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Review: 'The Karate Kid' is still a winner on 4K UHD

Posted April 17,2019 - 05:20 PM


"Wax on, wax off."

With these words, a whole new generation of teen coming of age films debuted in the summer of 1984. That was also the year that I turned 10, so this film played a significant role in shaping my pre-pubescent development and beyond. In retrospect, as it celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, it's really a simple film with universal themes that would shape the course of teen movies for over a decade and then some.

With the recent debut of the YouTube series Cobra Kai in which original actors Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their characters and rivalry from The Karate Kid, the film is just as topical now as it was when it came out over three decades ago. You only have to look around at the state of rampant bullying in our schools to realize that the...

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Review: 'Replicas' will test your limits

Posted April 16,2019 - 05:11 PM

198962 olld5p

Ever since John Wick came out, everybody wants to be in the Keanu Reeves business. They especially want Keanu in their heavy action knock offs or sci-fi mind benders.

This is where Replicas comes in.

A good science fiction film asks questions and brings up moral conundrums. A great science fiction film attempts to answer them. Replicas is neither, but gets a B- for the effort I suppose.

Keanu plays a neuroscientist (hold your laughs until the end) who is on the verge of transferring human consciousness into a computer. After his latest failure, his family is predictably killed in a car crash and his grief compels him to do the unspeakable.

To be clear, the high-concept ideas behind Replicas are admirable. What is human consciousness? What are the ethical and empirical...

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