Legend Bob Hope dies at 100

Posted July 28,2003 - 08:14 AM

Legendary entertainer Bob Hope died on Sunday night at his home from complications due to pneumonia. He was 100 years old. Bob Hope made a household name for himself through radio, TV and films, but it is his generosity in paying back the military for its hard fought service that will form the foundation of his legacy. The comedian performed countless number of shows for the troops spanning World War II to the Gulf War. His Christmas USO show became a much cherished holiday classic. Known for the witty one-liner and the propensity for making himself the butt of many of his jokes, Hope became known the world over and yet he never let it go to his. Always, the humble one, when the world celebrated his 100th birthday earlier this year, he was too frail to join in the festivities, but was overwhelmed by all the fuss. The consummate entertainer, he vowed never to let old age come between him and his fans. Once, he commented, "I'm not retiring until they carry me away. And I'll have a few routines on the way to the big divot." Thanks for the laughs Bob, here's hoping that they give you a mulligan when you reach the pearly gates!